2½ litre V-8 “Cresta” prototype DN250, 1959

shopping list – things and advice

I have several sources in mind for some items and none for others, so any suggestions or offers will be very welcome.  Please email me from the main page.



SP 250 engine and auto box

(original) Either already rebuilt or “as is” but must be complete.

(05/08/07 – or before) An “as is” engine acquired from the Daimler Enthusiasts’ Club.

Modern gearbox

(original) Does anyone know of any modification with a newer 4 speed box.  The Daimler 2½ saloon (Jaguar bodied) was geared at 16.6 mph per 1,000 rpm.  I will aim for well over 20 rpm/1,000 so will need more low gears.

(05/08/07 – or before) A rebuilt modern 4 speed box with top geared up to be fitted by Graham Whitehouse Autos Ltd.

Radiator shell

Probably the Century shell will be fine.

Crown wheel and pinion

I will need a higher final drive.  See modern gear box above.

Disk brakes

(05/08/07 – or before) this is a known conversion to the Cresta and involves front suspension modifications resulting in improved handling.

Steering wheel

(original) An SP250 or Century wheel will probably be fine if I can modify it to fit the Cresta column.

(05/08/07 – or before) Almost certainly to be a complete Century wheel, column and box form the Daimler Enthusiasts’ Club.

Panel beating

(original) The main bodywork and assembly will be done at WT Bells in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent.  A panel beater will be needed to make the bonnet lid and possibly some reshaping of the front and also rear details.

(05/08/07 – or before):  All now to be done at Jules Bodycraft of Coven near Wolverhampton.

Bumper bars

I want plain bars as on the Century to replace the fancy shaped ones of the Cresta.  It may be possible to buy second hand off another car, but does anyone know of a maker? 

Wheel disks

I will want these with a D motif.  If the Daimler sizes do not fit the Cresta wheels, does anyone know of a maker?


SP instruments, instrument panel and switchgear.  I imagine that Daimler might have used these to economise.

Wood trim

Although the top moulding from the Cresta might be kept, I want a wooden facia and door trims.  Can anyone recommend someone.

Interior trim

Will probably be done “in house” but recommendations still welcome.

Power assisted steering

Any recommendations for a modern after fitting?

Rear screen demisting

I have on my Empress fine filaments stuck to the rear screen (over 20 years ago).  Does anyone know who makes such a thing now?

Rear heating

In the “old days” one could buy a very flat heater to go under the rear seat.  Any suppliers?  Also of ducting.

Parking radars

(original) Any suppliers recommended?

(05/08/07 – or before) Halfords(!)

Door/wing mirrors

(05/08/07) Motorised yet not to look too much out of place.  From scouring a Tesco car park (and being accosted by a auspicious shopper) I have seen four whose mounts are sufficiently simple and which do not appear to be too big: Audi TT, Chrysler Crossfire, Mini (BMW take not original) and Toyota Merde


I am bound to add to the list.


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