2½ litre V-8 “Cresta” prototype DN250, 1959



An optimist’s aspirations






Description: Description: http://www.daimler-dn250.net/Vauxhall_Cresta_rear.jpg






(from Daimler Century)

Description: Description: http://www.daimler-dn250.net/DC_photo_workshop.jpg






(from Lanchester & Daimler)

Description: Description: http://www.daimler-dn250.net/D&L_photo_workshop.jpg







Who knows?


Almost certainly more like the above photographs than the artist’s impression on my home page, but I will probably cut the rear fins down more than on the mock up.


Certainly it will look nothing like nothing like the two drawings shown below.  The first could hardly be less Daimler-like – but then the SP 250 was not very Daimler-like either and no one worries about that, even if they did at the time.  The second looks rather attractive.  Was this to have gone on the elongated SP250 chassis?  See the Michael Riley article and the 40th anniversary articles on the V8s and Edward Turner (links on my home page).





but not like this

(from Lanchester & Daimler)

Description: Description: http://www.daimler-dn250.net/Jack%20Wickes%20drawing.jpg





but this could be a bit of all right if you could afford to build a new body

(from DM April 1999)

Description: Description: http://www.daimler-dn250.net/DM%20April%201999%20drawing.jpg


I promise not to do a nose job like this.

Description: Description: http://www.daimler-dn250.net/RR-VW%20nose%20job.jpg


Nor like this.

See my history pictures for 27 July 2011.

Description: Description: http://www.daimler-dn250.net/Stutz Bearcat.jpg




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